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Professional App Developer
    iOS, Web, Software Engineering

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All About Me?

Greeting Javascript Controlled ;)

My name is Duane Baerwaldt and I have a passion for Software Design and Development. I have found that laughter can brighten your day.   Let's give it a try, here goes:

Javascript Controlled ;)
Javascript Controlled ;)

Life can be too serious some times but hopefully I just got a smile from you!

I bring creative ideas to life!   My focus is on creating stable and error free applications or (Apps) as they are commonly referred to.   I create Apps under iOS, macOS, Windows, Unix, and Web including web pages and/or websites like this one.

To learn more about me, TAP or PUSH a See More 👍 button below:

My Philosophy...
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My Personality...
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A Brief History...
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My Education...
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Most Proud Of...
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    Last Words...
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My Career

I am known as a high functioning multi-talented Software Engineer. I have an extensive background writing code under Apple, Microsoft, and Java environments.
I'm kind of like a... See More 👍

The Environments and Technical Skills I use are constantly changing but here is a short list:

Environments: See More 👍

TECH Skills: See More 👍

Proof of Concept is in my DNA.   I use "Fail Fast" methodology to determine success or failure of any prospective project or enhancement.

Recent Projects

Software Development is and always has been my passion.   I also love a great adventure!

A number of years ago I decided to take the adventure of designing and building my own "Dream Home".   I'm a "hands on" kind of person but I had a problem ... See More 👍

Here are some examples of my work by category:

Mobile Projects

Scan and File App

This App scans documents into your phone simply.   Let's you categorize to your preference with a built in file manager.   Your documents are always saved ... See More 👍

Bread Crumbs App

This App creates a bread crumb trail for every trip you take.   You always control when you are leaving crumbs.   Completely configurable and has a built in battery saving ... See More 👍

Web Design & Development

Duane Baerwaldt

(Old Flash Website)

A number of years ago I created the website DuaneBaerwaldt.com with Adobe Flash.   I designed and/or created "Click the Mouse" include graphics and animations.   Unfortunately ... See More 👍

Morgan Hill Garage Door

Mobile Friendly website.   This is a state of the art website with integrated ... See More 👍

Sioux City Computer

Great looking websites begin with a great quality picture!   You can TAP or PUSH on this website and view it.

Works in any environment but is was created before the days of "mobile friendly" websites.   Here is another ...

See More 👍

What Others Say!

Don Johnson


He doesn't miss much.   Duane is an... See More 👍

Jose Rodriguez


His advice was crucial to the successful... See More 👍

Cheryl Hefferon


Duane is simply wonderful!   I hired him as a... See More 👍

Joseph Poturalski


Duane has always displayed a high degree of... See More 👍

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting my website today and taking the time to read more about me.  😀

Have a good day!

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