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I'm Not your Average Software Engineer or Developer!

I have designed, engineered, developed, and implemented software, from basic scripting to Windows and Mobile IOS/Android applications (apps).   I am extremely versatile and thrive in a team environment or as the only developer on a project.   Want to talk to me directly?

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Although some call me a "Full Stack Developer", and I still do that, but my focus is now on "Mobile Development"   I have always been an engineer that does whatever it takes to get a project to completion.   The purpose of this website is to illustrate a few of my abilities as a Software Designer, Engineer, or Developer.

I created 100% of this website.   You won't find any outbound links to other websites here  ;)

I am passionate about Software and I love creating new apps.   I take the simple to very intense projects from dream to reality!   Yes, I dream and breathe algorithms!   All kidding aside, Creating Software is my passion and I am a real person!   ;)   I can take your project to the next level... So...

Let's Build Something Great Together?

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What I Do...
Software Development!

I love creating Software, I do!   Everyday my hands are usually into one software or another.   My proficiency in any given programming language depends on what I'm using at the moment.   These days I am immersed into Mobile Development, mostly under apple iOS but often in Android as well.   I also have been delving into Google Flutter trying to bridge the gap between iOS and Android operating systems.

I have a knack for being versatile and adaptive in any environment.   I am a professional who prides myself in my ability to harness the power and capabilities of these environments and create amazing things.   Although I can be proficient in any language or environment here is a list of my most used tools per environment:

Mobile Development

Proficient or fluent in the following technologies:

Apple iOS - xCode IDE, Flutter, Swift, Objective-C, C++

Frameworks, APIs, SDKs - CoreLocation, CoreData, ARKit, CoreML, Mapkit, Cocoapods, MySQL

Google AndroidOS - Android Studio IDE, Flutter, Kotlin, java, C, C#, C++, Python,

Web Development

Proficient or fluent in the following technologies:

Visual Studio IDE, Html, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Asp.net, Visual Basic, C#, C++

Windows Development

Proficient or fluent in the following technologies:

Visual Studio IDE, .net, Asp.net

Apple MacOS, WatchOS, TvOS

Proficient or fluent in the following technologies:

xCode IDE, Swift, C++

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My Work

I would love to "show off" my work but most of my clients or employers demand discretion or privacy.   This has become my my trademark or policy and one reason why my services are requested.   In fact, usually our relationship starts off with an agreement not to disclose any specific information or an NDA.

When I can I advertise or market myself I do.   However, I never market or advertise the work I do without express permission!   Having said that, I am in the process of getting permission from some of my clients who will authorize it.   When available I will post them here.   Here a few examples by category:

Mobile Development

Crumbs App

Location Tracker App

Beaconify App

Web Design & Development

A number of years ago I created the website above.   I designed and/or created "Click the Mouse" with utilizing Flash.   Unfortunately, this technology was never supported on iPhones but it still works on Android phones or computer web browsers if flash is enabled.   If you tap on it your browser must support Flash or it will not run.   This website has a day and night mode.   You can go inside the house on this website after hours, I think like maybe 6pm.   Have fun!

Great looking websites begin with a great quality picture!   You can tap on this website and view it.   Works in any environment but is was created before the days of "mobile friendly" websites.

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Don Johnson - MCI

He doesn't miss much.   Duane is an extremely detail orientated person!   He shutdown the legacy MCI mail system and replaced it with IP based distributed servers.

With his leadership the project was successfully completed and implemented.   I am pleased to announce he will be receiving the "Peak Achiever" award, our most distinguished company award.

Jose Rodriguez - Alcatel

His advice was crucial to the successful completion of software installations through out the U.S.   I can count on Duane to complete projects on time and under budget every time.   Out the last 3 years he has never let me down.   I am sorry to see him go but I personally recommend Duane.

Cheryl Hefferon - M&T Bank

Duane is simply wonderful!   I hired him as a contractor and consultant to evaluate my banking application project.   Duane saved my reputation on multiple occasions.   On one occasion my project lead was delaying and not meeting his deliverables.

The following Monday, and I remember it well, my project leader was a no show at our weekly project meeting.   To my surprise, Duane had spent the previous weekend on his own time and delivered the proof of concept for the project as well as his part of the project.

I fired the existing project leader and promoted Duane to the project leader position.   Duane continued to demonstrate his abilities and exceed my expectations by developing an entire suite of products.   I personally recommend Duane for any software engineering position.

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Thank You for
Visiting My Website!

Thank you for taking the time to get a glimpse of what I'm all about.   If and When you're ready to proceed with hiring me ;) I may or may not be ready to help you out.   Actualy, I multitask pretty well so contact me and I will give you a timeframe...

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Have a great day!

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